Thursday, September 26, 2013

Suzette Allen's Hybrid Imaging Workshop

Big thank you to everyone that came to Suzette Allen's Hybrid Imaging Workshop yesterday! Suzette came to Foto Care to help educate photographers about integrating video, stills and audio using mirrorless camera systems. As a Panasonic Luminary, Suzette used the LUMIX G series for her demonstrations. We couldn't be happier that she was here and we hope everyone learned a lot!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Andre Washington's "Africa Travelogue: Conversations"

On Tuesday, September 17th, Andre Washington came to Foto Care to show his recent body of work for his project "Africa Travelogue". Having traveled to Africa on a number of occasions, Andre has been able to shoot all kinds of people from all over the continent. His work was both varied in subject matter and stunning in general! 

With his new website, which will include this work, launching soon, this talk was a great introduction to a great project! 

Andre Washington

One really fun addition to the talk was a homemade beverage that Andre made from a recipe he got on his trip! It was super tasty!

Andre Washington chats with a few people that attended the event, including Jason Florio and Helen Jones-Florio that also had a photo talk here about their trips to Gambia! 

Guests signed-in at the beginning of the event so that Andre could keep them up-to-date on his project as it continues. 
Small panorama of the turn-out!
We wish Andre the very best in his future travels!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Exposed in Boston by Sheppard Ferguson

We would expect photographers to be obvious protagonists for thrillers and mystery novels. But they are as rare as hens’ teeth. Here’s one: 

Exposed in Boston by Sheppard Ferguson

Susan Kessel’s passionate affair with photography landed her a great Boston newspaper job, but her battle to succeed in a 1980s “man’s profession” cost her four years of all work and no play. On a Saturday night date, setting out to rectify her lack of social life, she takes a single photo and finds herself running for her life into a Boston that she had never known or imagined. 

Fear and violence expose Susan to the changed woman she has become: no longer the pretty Wisconsin coed but a reckless, quick-witted, gutsy, imaginative photographer. These are essential skills for living in a danger zone; getting out of it is her problem. Not even the newspaper, as it works to unravel the forces she’d unleashed, can keep her safe.

We're hoping to carry the book in our online store soon! Trade paperback, $8.95; Kindle, $4.95.

Sheppard Ferguson is a photographer and novelist currently living in Boston. From 1998 to 2010 he worked as a freelance commercial photographer completing a range of assignments, including documenting stonecutters and quarries in France, historic architecture in Vietnam, educational book projects, political conventions, and performance in Washington, D.C.

Ferguson studied with Aaron Siskind, Ralph Hattersley and Inge Bondi. He founded The Photographic Eye, an early photography gallery and bookseller, and Ars Libri, Ltd., the rare art book company in Boston. Before returning to photography fulltime, he was President of Schoenhof’s Foreign Books in Cambridge, MA. To see Ferguson’s work, visit his website at:

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Kenneth B. Goldberg Gallery Opening

We want to sincerely thank everyone who attended Kenneth B. Goldberg's gallery opening on Tuesday evening! Kenneth had a great turn out and some great images to show! The show will stay up for a few weeks and descriptions of each photo will be posted on the bottom of each photograph.

To see more of Kenneth's work, please visit his website. Also, check out our interview with Kenneth!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

David Goldman's Alaska (the wild frontier) by floating mall.

Summer is over. 

But, that means we have lots and lots of vacation photos to look at/hold us over until next summer. Our photographer friend David Goldman just got back from his trip to Alaska and he's shared some of his photos with us!

David Goldman is a documentary photographer that has been able to travel all over the world and photograph some amazing people and places. He's also shot photographed the men and women of 60 Minutes! The images he created during his trip to Alaska are breathtaking and really worth a look!

To see more images from his trip, visit his blog! And so see more of David's work, visit his website.

Monday, September 9, 2013

20 Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow

Everyone is always saying that social media is the best way to not only market yourself, but learn about other artists' works; they're right! As photographers, it's important to reach out to potential clients and fans in the online world, whether that be through a personal website, blog, or in this case Instagram. The hugely popular photography app has millions and millions of active users sharing their photographs with the world every single day and we'd like to share our favorite Instagrammers!

1. @aguynamedpatrick (Patrick Janelle)

Patrick Janelle is a New York City photographer with a lot to share! His photos feature lots of fun places, great looking food, and friends. Janelle's account offers something new and beautiful every single day!

2. @alice_gao (Alice Gao)

Also a NYC photographer, Alice Gao's work is simply stunning! With a delicate color palette and dainty subject matter, her account is a breath of fresh air!

3. @andrewknapp (Andrew Knapp and his dog Momo)

This account is really a 2-for-1! Not only are Andrew Knapp's photos beautiful, but most of them have an Easter egg, that Easter egg being his adorable dog Momo! Knapp will hide Momo in a photo and use the hashtag #findmomo for an ever better "Where's Waldo?"; when you've found Momo, you of course comment on the photo with #foundmomo. 

4. @dankhole (Dan Cole)

Dan Cole's Instagram account is both moody and eerie. From urban landscapes to true landscapes, this account is worth a follow.

5. @daveyoder (Dave Yoder)

National Geographic photographer Dave Yoder's photos are truly what you'd expect from a NatGeo photographer. Traveling all over the world has allowed Yoder to show his followers places that they may never see and that's something special.

6. @dguttenfelder (David Guttenfelder)

Associated Press photographer David Guttenfelder recently traveled to North Korea, which has become a huge reason why many of us are following his account. With an account truly like no other in the world, Guttenfelder's photos are beautiful and allow us to observe life in such a secret country. 

7. @drewswantak Drew Swantak

Although he's young, barely out of college, Swantak's photos are supreme; filled with gorgeous photos of gorgeous people in gorgeous places, and the occasional selfie.

8. @greggboydston (Gregg Boydston)

Though not a photographer by trade, Gregg Boydston's photos are really something! This Californian wildland firefighter shoots the fires he fights and the brave firefighters by his side!

9. @hirozzzz (Hiroaki Fukuda)

Fukuda's photos are very minimal, isolated and secluded, but that is absolutely the charm in them! Many of the images show sprawling landscapes with a single soul standing there. 

10. @irablockphoto (Ira Block)

Another National Geographic photographer is on the list! Block is constantly traveling and in his travels he shares all the different people, places and animals he sees with us, and it's all amazing!

11. @kevinruss (Kevin Russ)

Kevin Russ knows landscape. That is impossible to deny! Russ travels all over the country and photographs the places he visits, but that's just putting in lightly. He landscapes are some of the best we've ever seen, and that's with an iPhone! If you're going to follow any Instagrammer, this is a solid choice.

12. @kitkat_ch (Martina Bisaz)

What's better than traveling around Europe in the cutest car in the world? Bisaz has been exploring Europe in her tiny Fiat making some really amazing images.

13. @kristinrogers (Kritin Rogers)

Kristin Rogers' photos really allow you into her home with her family. Most of her work features her adorable children, husband and their pets. It doesn't get much cuter than that. 

14. @nicole_franzen Nicole Franzen

Based in Brooklyn, Nicold Franzen is a professional photographer with an amazing Instagram account! Much of her work has food and flowers, and all of it is charming.

15. @nikoleherriott (Nikole Herriott)

Much like Nicole Franzen, Nikole Herriott's work has a lot of food, but a lot of her work has her other work, woodwork that is. Nikole and her father create some of the finest hand carved kitchen ware with which Nikole photographs her food. Perfect! 

16. @othellonin (Scott Rankin)

Another skilled landscape photographer! But, his account is not just landscapes; Rankin takes amazing pictures everywhere he goes!

17. @samhorine (Sam Horine)

Sam Horine is a New York City photographer with an amazing eye for color, each image is practically dripping in it! If you want to see the sights of the city, follow this guy.

18. @swopes (Elise Swopes)

Another great Instagrammer that knows color! With deep blues and rich reds, Swopes captures the environment around her and every color in it!

19. @twheat (Tyson Wheatly)

Living on the west coast in San Francisco, Wheatly has so much to share! His photos are filled with lots of friends, lots of nature and lots of light! The way he has been able to capture light on an iPhone is a true skill.

20. @whitmansnaps (Robert Whitman)

Famed photographer Robert Whitman has started putting his portfolio of images and snapshots on Instagram! Though he doesn't have many followers now, his racy images are sure to draw a crowd of fans in the near future. 

And, of course, follow us! We try to share what's happening in the store and in rentals. There's always something going on!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Interview with International Documentary Photographer Arlene Collins

Arlene Collins will be at Foto Care on October 10th to discuss her recent trip to North Korea. As a country that is particularly difficult to not only travel to, but document, this talk is certainly special. We look forward to seeing what images she was able to take and learn more about this secretive country! 

Foto Care: Tell us about yourself and how you got into photography?
Arlene Collins: I have always been interested in photography and seeing the world. My family traveled extensively which was quite unusual in those days. My father purchased my first camera from Japan when I was about 15. The photographs of Diane Arbus inspired me. When I saw her photography exhibition I decided to seriously study photography, and decided to study with the renowned teacher Lisette Model. I was fortunate to know someone who was a friend of Lisette, and I was able to meet with Lisette privately in her basement apartment on Seventh Ave. South. She was brutally honest when critiquing my photographs. I knew that she was exactly the kind of teacher I needed.

FC: What was your break out job that helped launch your career? 
AC: There was no one break out job that launched my career. My career has taken many different turns. I have found that every decade I must reinvent myself. I first concentrated on long-term documentary essays, then I was offered a corporate job, which was too lucrative to refuse and I did corporate work for a decade. Next, I started teaching at Parsons School of Design and the International Center of Photography (ICP) where I taught in the Photojournalism program and was then asked by ICP to conduct an international travel photography workshop. I lead ICP international photography workshops for a decade. I am still teaching at Parsons, in the summers I teach at the Maine Media workshops, and I conduct my own workshops in NYC and internationally.

FC: What has been your favorite assignment(s) to date?
AC: Now I spend most of my time planning and conducting my own international multimedia workshops, which are very rewarding. I get to live and work in another culture and I meet the most amazing people from all around the world.

FC: Where do you draw your inspiration?
AC: My ideas come from many sources, including reading, talking to people, viewing photography exhibitions and various websites. 

FC: Do you use Social Media as part of your marketing? Do you think it is effective?
AC: I market my services on LinkedIn, and Facebook, but the most effective way is word of mouth. 

FC: How has your work changed in the last few years?
AC: Conceptually my work is little changed, but my technique and the equipment I use changes with the technology. When lighting on location I prefer to use a wireless strobe system; it’s light weight, simple to use and produces great light for effect or just for exposure in low light.

FC: Where is your work heading next? Where do you see yourself in the future?

AC: Next, I have workshops in Rajasthan, India and Kamchatka, Russia.

FC: What equipment are you currently using to produce your work?
AC: I currently use the Nikon D800 with 3 to 4 strobe units from the SB800, SB700 and SB900, and a Sony RX-100 is always with me. All of my photographs from North Korea were taken with the Sony RX-100.

FC:  Do you work with Video? Have you stepped into the Hybrid Video market at all?
AC: For the last couple of years I have shot video, mostly with the Sony RX-100. Currently I have three videos posted on my website.

FC: How do you choose your locations?

AC: I prefer to select locations that are the most isolated and the most difficult to travel to and in. I love a challenge.

FC: When/how did you first hear about Foto Care? What is it about Foto Care that brings your back? 
AC: I have always known about Foto Care. I require a store that knows the current equipment, is reliable and provides personal service.

To see more of Arlene's work, visit her website. And be sure to see her talk!