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Be sure to stay tuned for upcoming seminars, gallery openings and workshops in 2014. Also, keep an eye out for end-of-the-year savings, rebates and promotions at
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Monday, December 2, 2013

Foto Care 2013 Gift Guide

It's that time of year again, the holiday season. With so many new electronics out there, it's hard to decide what you, or the photographer in your life, would like to receive. We're here to help. We've come up with a few ideas for photographers and photo enthusiasts to share!


The Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 cameras are fun, colorful and nostalgic; the perfect gift for photo enthusiasts!
Now $74.99 at

For the action buff in your life, the GoPro Hero3+ (Black Edition), with a longer life battery and a tiny frame, is a great gift.
Now $399.99 at

The next generation in Fujifilm mirrorless cameras has a lot to offer those that want more than just a point and shoot, but not a heavy DSLR.
Now $999.95 for the body at

The Sony a7 has reached new heights in what compact DSLRs can be, and this is a fantastic gift for the photographer in your life, or yourself!
Now $1,699.99 for the body and $1,999.99 for the kit at

The Hasselblad Stellar cameras are just that, stellar! If you have a little extra to spend, consider this a fabulous gift!
Now $1,995.00 at
The Canon 70D is a welcome addition to the Canon lines of smaller DSLR cameras. Just as powerful, just a little more compact.
Now $1099.00-$1,549.00 with instant rebates available at! 

The Nikon Df is not just new, shiny and sleek, it's got a air of nostalgia to it. With classic elements and a touch of the past, this camera is quite and addition to your camera collection!
Now $2,749.95 for the body and $2,999.95 for the kit at

HasselbladBron and Foto Care are running a Black Friday special! We will take 10% off all new Hasselblad HC lenses and 20% of all new Broncolor accessories (does not include packs, heads or bulbs). This offer will run from November 29th to December 3rd, 2013. To participate in this deal, please visit us at Foto Care during that time, or place an order with us on the phone at (212)741-2990 and mention that you saw this blog post!
Save up to $5,500 when you trade-in your high-end DSLR and buy and Mamiya Leaf Credo Back or kit. Call our digital department at (212)741-2990 to take advantage of this great offer!

The Canon C100 is revolutionary in the video world; the perfect grab-and-go camera for motion. Want to learn more about the camera before you buy? Come to our Canon Meet the Rep Day to find out what this camera is all about.
Now $5,499.00 at


Billingham bags are beautifully hand-made leather and canvas bags. Not only are they stunning, but they're functional. Great for the stylish photographer.

The new Zeiss Otus 55mm Otus lens for Nikon and Canon cameras is truly a thing of beauty. Well-crafted, perfect glass makes this lens the prime gift for a serious photographer.
Now $3,990.00 at

Pancake lenses are fun! You or your photographer likely have some glass already, but a pancake lens is a useful, quirky addition to the pine-up.
This Canon 40mm is now $199.99 at

The F&V ringlight is so popular because it's such an amazing product! Offering perfect light every time, this is a welcome gift for any photographer.
Now $199.00 at

Wacom tablets make post-production work and fine-tune editing incredibly easy! For the photographer that spends a lot of time in Photoshop, definitely add this to your shopping list.
Now $229-95-$489.95 at
Never risk losing your information with a LaCie hard drive. These drives are tough and easy on the wallet.
Starting at $69.99 at

The Profoto B1 is revolutionary in lighting! The most portable strobe lighting to date, this system is sure to please.
Now $1,995.00 at

Everything else:

For the film photography lovers, we sell all kinds of film, from 4X5 to 35mm, Kodak, Fujifilm and Ilford. Film makes a great stocking stuffer! And, we will have limited supplies of discontinued Fujifilm FP-100C 4X5 film as well as
FP-3000B - get yours while you can!
Memory cards are also a great stocking stuffer. You can never have too many memory cards!

Not sure what to get your photographer for Christmas? Get them a Foto Care gift card!
There are tons of rebates and promotions online and in-store. See all of our rebates here.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Jodi Jones: Kenneth Cole Vines C100 and IPhone

This is a guest blog post from fashion photographer Jodi Jones
AKQA and Kenneth Cole teamed up to create “View Points” a revolutionary campaign to introduce Kenneth Cole’s spring 2014 collection to the world. View Points was a collaboration to live stream Kenneth Cole’s spring 2014 fashion show via a variety of lenses and unexpected angles and unique perspectives creating an never before seen glimpse into the fashion industry.
Screen Shot 2013-09-11 at 6.18.27 PM

I was brought on by AKQA to be one of these voices and to lend my perspective to this collaboration. During this 2 day event I was given complete access to the showroom, fashion show, and presentation. In addition I was able to use whatever gear I wanted to capture my perspective.
The first day was spent in the showroom photographing my perspective with the Canon C100 and cinema lenses. I focused on capturing macro footage of clothing details, model fittings, and stop motion footage of each look. I also had the opportunity to interview Kenneth Cole himself and creative director Chris Yoham. The footage we gathered was then to be edited then shown on giant plasma screens behind the models during the presentation the following day, and to be displayed in all their stores.
After capturing the footage we cut it up into 7 second segments and compiled it together. We then hacked the Vine application so we could upload our footage. This process took 3 different programs and most of the night, but by morning we had created 60 vine videos ready for the show.
kenneth cole spring 2014 jodi jones

Day two was spent at the show and presentation. We documented the entire show via vine videos shot on iPhones then streamed live. We used the special olloclip lenses created for the iPhone that allowed us to shoot macro, wide angle, and fisheye. During the runway show we had 3 iPhones shooting with 2 assistants helping, one on either side of me. We had one iPhone stationed on a tripod doing stop motion videos. The other 2 iPhones were used to create 7 second vine videos, I would shoot 7 seconds then hand the phone to an assistant who would give me another phone then upload the footage that I had just taken. All of these videos were then uploaded to Vine and curated by a room full of Kenneth Cole’s creative directors and added to their website. In total we shot 120 vine videos throughout the day.

This really was such a fun and interesting assignment. I have been shooting runway shows for the past 11 years and each time have lugged around tons of equipment, monopods, long lenses, bunches of cases. But for this assignment it was so much fun to sit in the pit with an iPhone and a lens the size of a cigarette lighter. I could literally fit all my equipment into one pocket. In contrast it was also a treat to shoot with the canon C100. The footage you can produce is far superior to any DSLR and when coupled with the Cinema lenses it’s simply phenomenal, and allows you create something that is just gorgeous. Those cinema lenses are some serious glass. I initially chose the C100 for this project because we needed gorgeous high res video to be shown on plasma screens behind the models during the presentation. However after a short time behind the C100 I was so impressed by the versatility and quality of the footage as well as how easy it was to use. It really was the perfect tool for the job.

A big thanks to Fred at FotoCare in NYC.  This is THE place to rent or buy photography or video gear in NY.  I always  know I can always depend on them to have the best gear available for all my shoots.  The FotoCare guys are really knowledgeable and friendly… you guys rock!!!
Screen Shot 2013-09-06 at 4.21.10 PM
kenneth cole spring 2014 jodi jonesKennethCole_SP14_7464
Screen Shot 2013-09-11 at 6.14.57 PMScreen Shot 2013-09-11 at 6.15.13 PM
Screen Shot 2013-09-11 at 6.16.08 PMScreen Shot 2013-09-11 at 6.16.23 PMScreen Shot 2013-09-11 at 6.15.43 PM

See more of Jodi Jones' work on her site.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Rent the Zeiss Otus 55mm f/1.4 Lens at Foto Care

The new Zeiss Otus 55mm f/1.4 lens is now available to rent at Foto Care! Although Zeiss has a stellar reputation for quality lenses, the Otus is really something special. The Zeiss Otus was designed for today's modern SLR cameras with high-resolution sensors, therefore the quality mimics that of a medium format system both in high resolution and contrast with no chromatic aberration or distortion. With more than 120 years of experience, Zeiss truly delivers a solid lens, both literally and figuratively. The lens itself is constructed entirely of metal and impeccably precise lens elements.  

Zeiss Otus 55mm f/1.4 Canon Mount

Features of the lenses
  • For Canon EF Mount DSLR Cameras or Nikon F Mount DSLR Cameras
  • Optimized for Full-Frame Camera Sensors
  • f/1.4 - f/16 Aperture Range
  • Zeiss T* Anti-Reflective Lens Coating
  • Floating Elements Design
  • All-Metal Lens Housing
  • Manual Focus, 20" Close Focus Distance
  • 77mm Filter Thread
  • Highly Visible Yellow Scale Markings

Technical Specifications

Focal length55 mm
Aperture rangef/1.4 – f/16
Focusing range0,5 m (19.68 ″) – ∞
Number of elements/groups12/10
Angular field, diag./horiz./vert.43,7° / 36,7° / 24,9°
Coverage at close range246 x 163 mm (9.69 x 6.42″)
Filter threadM77 x 0.75
Dimensions (with caps)ZF.2: 141 mm (5.55 ″)
ZE: 144 mm (5.66″)
Diameter of focusing ringZF.2: 83 mm (3.27″)
ZE: 83 mm (3.27″)
WeightZF.2: 970 g (2.22 lbs)
ZE: 1030 g (2.43 lbs)
Camera mountsF Mount (ZF.2)
EF Mount (ZE)

Monday, November 11, 2013

Rent the Broncolor Move at Foto Care

The Broncolor Move is now available to 
buy and rent at Foto Care!

Now in Foto Care rentals, you can rent the Broncolor Move 1200L Power Pack with 1 head and 1 battery for $110/day. An extra head is $20 and an extra battery is $30.

Check out the Broncolor Move 1200L in action below:

Exclusive On-Location Fashion Photography Workshop in Costa Rica with Jodi Jones


If you ever dreamed about photographing a beautiful high fashion model in an exotic location that looks like it’s out of the pages of Vogue, alongside a master teacher & well established fashion photographer, then here is an opportunity of a lifetime!
New York Fashion photographer Jodi Jones is offering this exciting opportunity to learn side-by-side her and learn her techniques for creating compelling fashion images. With Jodi and her professional team, and an exotic lush backdrop, YOU WILL BE CREATING STUNNING IMAGES THAT WILL BE JAW DROPPING PORTFOLIO DROOL-WORTHY!

Who: Photographers of any skill level interested in fashion photography, and wanting to build their portfolio.
What: 7 day 6 night on-location fashion photography workshop
Where: Costa Rica
When: January 5th – 11th, 2014



Day 1 – Jan 5th, 2014
Arrival dinner at sunset! You will fly into San Jose and take a pre- arranged private charter to the Nicoya peninsula, the location of our Beach Retreat in the gorgeous and laid-back beach town of Santa Theresa/Mal Pais. The location is a bit of a trek but it’s well worth it! So beautiful in fact that top Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen has made this area her home. You will feel as though you’ve entered a new world and you have. Once you get settled in, we will (all the NYC crew, model, Jodi, and students) have an oceanfront community sunset dinner to get the opportunity to get to know one another in a laid-back, relaxing setting.
Day 2 – Jan 6th, 2014
Pre-production lighting & camera equipment training! You will most likely be woken up to the sounds of the howler monkeys. This is the jungle baby! After a wonderful breakfast we will begin preparation for our shoots the following day. Here Jodi will show you what goes into producing a high fashion shoot. Jodi and her 1st assistant will go over all the equipment that will be used during our shoots so that everybody becomes familiar with it before our location shooting sessions. Jodi and her assistant will demonstrate how to use the Broncolor portable battery operated unilites & pack, the sunbounce and sun swatter systems and the hasselblad medium format camera equipment. After our morning instruction we will all have lunch together and the rest of the day is free time. The sun sets here at 6 PM so we’ll go to bed early for an exciting fashion shoot the next day.
Day 3 – Jan 7th, 2014
Fashion shoot time! We will start our morning early with a delicious breakfast so we have the energy for our amazing shoot day! While our hair/makeup artist transforms our beautiful model into a supermodel, and our fashion stylist creates the looks for the day, Jodi will be going over the “shot list” with you. Jodi will teach you how she approaches a fashion shoot before getting “on set”. We will discuss creating a story & individual vision with our images. Once the model is ready we will head to the breathtaking pre-scouted rainforest location. We will shoot 3 “looks” on the model creating a fashion “story”. Each photography student will be given ample time to create their images with the 40 megapixel hasselblad camera & will have Jodi, the crew & Jodi’s assistant there to help guide them.
Jodi & her assistant will be showing you how to creatively light the model using the sunbounce & sun swatter system. Adam, a professional videographer will be capturing all the “behind the scenes” action of our shoots for us. After our first incredible fashion shoot we will head back, drop off the equipment, download all the Hasselblad image files, then discuss the day’s session over a nice sunset dinner together.
Day 4- Jan 8th, 2014
This will be another great fashion shoot day! This time after our nutritious morning breakfast we head to a secluded beach with a canopy of trees, ocean and mountain views. We will discuss our “fashion story” and how to give our shoots greater depth & meaning. On this day Jodi & her assistant will be lighting the model with a portable Broncolor lighting kit for both fashion and beauty shots, and each student will be photographing the model in the unique “looks” with the Hasselblad camera. Jodi and Stefano will explain the lighting setups as they are being used to create the most compelling of images. We will break for a picnic lunch on the beach & shoot one last “look” at sunset using the Broncolor lights as “fill light” for our model.
Day 5 – Jan 9th, 2014
A day of relaxation & fun! Even though everyday will be over-the-top fun, today we each choose an activity that we want to do: renting a surfboard for the day & hitting some epic costa rican waves, or for those surfing newbies- a surf lesson from an amazing instructor and two hours of riding your first waves at a world class surfing beach. Or perhaps a relaxing hour long healing massage would be your paradise or horseback riding on the beach to an amazing sunset, a morning or afternoon yoga session overlooking the ocean to “recharge” your creativity, exploring the area on an ATV quad rental, or even simply swinging in a hammock sipping on a mojito relishing the “pura vida” way of life. Whatever you decide, it will be arranged for you to make the most of your time in this tropical paradise.
Day 6 – Jan 10th, 2014
Post production retouching instruction day! After a hearty breakfast, we go over all the images we shot the following two days. Jodi shows you all of her post production workflow on her mac: dng conversion, editing in photo mechanic, camera raw, and vital retouching techniques used to make your images have that special magazine quality polish. Jodi will show you in CS6: layer masking, adjustment layers & blending modes, liquify, healing brush & the important dodge & burn techniques to give your model a flawless fashion look. Jodi will cover creative tips & tricks to enhance your photoshop skills. If you have your own laptop (& Wacom pen tablet is great also) you can work along side her on your images. Bring a portable external hard-drive to take home with you all of your stunning, newly created high resolution fashion images. This will be a full day of post production (to the sounds of the ocean none-the-less) followed by our farewell sunset dinner and drinks.
Day 7 – Jan 11th, 2014
Ahhhh… the adventure may be over here in Costa Rica, but the memories, friendships created & fashion images will live on!
After breakfast you will be taxied up to the local airstrip where you will board a small plane back to San Jose international airport where you will board your international flight back home.
Come join us for this exciting & extremely rare 7 day/6 night high fashion photography adventure!! Total cost of this packaged workshop is only $4500.
JANUARY 5th – JANUARY 11th, 2014 Costa Rica “Pura Vida 2014!”
 Price includes: your 7 day / 6 night stay in Costa Rica at the beach house, all travel expenses within costa rica, your chartered in costa rica flight to the peninsula, all photography & post production lessons & equipment usage, the professional NY model & crew’s time & talent, your daily breakfast, our welcome dinner & our farewell dinner, high resolution Hasselblad medium format images that you took – for portfolio usage, your “free day activity” of your choice, a behind the scenes edited video & stills, and one additional hour of consultation or post production training from Jodi after the trip. All photography & lighting equipment will be provided, however it is suggested that you bring a laptop & Wacom tablet for the retouching portion of the workshop, along with your own portable external harddrive. You are free to bring your own camera equipment as well, but only one photography student will be shooting the model at a time. This allows the photographer & model to better connect during each shooting session & makes each photography student’s images unique. And just remember to pack light!
Please email: or call 917.328.7877 to sign up & for any additional questions!
fashion photography workshop surfing and photography
Please note: once the trip is booked with us, we will send you full logistical details of where we will be staying and what to pack, along with other pertinent information. You will be responsible for your roundtrip airfare to/from Costa Rica & any additional meals, drinks & entertainment beyond what was listed above.
After your booking you will be asked to choose your “free day” activity: surfing (with surfboard rental), surfing lesson, horseback riding, 1 hour massage, ATV quad rental, or oceanside yoga session.
Refunds cannot be issued after the trip if weather (rain, mudslides, etc) happens to change our shooting plans a bit. Jodi always has a plan B, so no worries there!
After the workshop in Costa Rica follow up:
Within a few weeks upon your return, each student will be getting a collection of behind the scenes shots & an edited 1-2 min “behind the scenes” video to share your exciting adventure with your family, friends & social media fans! Jodi will also offer every student one hour of professional career consultation or post production help upon your return!
Pura vida!
About the Instructor: NYC Fashion Photographer JODI JONES
Jodi is a successful creative director and fashion photographer who has spent over 20 seasons down in the trenches shooting the runways for New York City’s Fashion Week, invited by the world’s most recognized designers including Oscar de la Renta, Marc Jacobs, Betsey Johnson, and Anna Sui to shoot their collections. Her photographs have appeared in Vogue, Vanity Fair, Cosmopolitan, Time and countless others. Jodi has photographed numerous celebrities including Jack Nicholson, Moby, JLo, Paris Hilton, and Pamela Anderson to name but a few. Jodi works in various forms of multimedia; from complex fashion shoots producing both still image campaigns to creative short fashion films and videos. Jodi creates compelling imagery and concepts for fashion magazines, advertising campaigns, art installations, runway shows & presentations, fashion designer lookbooks, beauty campaigns and fashion accessory companies. She appeared in the Lifetime tv special “Women on Top”, a show about women achieving success in a male dominated industry. 

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Announcement: Profoto B1

Yesterday, the new Profoto B1 light was announced, and we are incredibly excited. Our digital tech has been able to really get his hands on the light and shares some introductory information below:

The B1 is a battery powered off-camera flash that attaches to the TTL-C remote (Canon only) that you plug into the hotshoe of your Canon camera. This new light eliminates a lot of the issues many photographer has previously while shooting on location. Because the B1 is a battery powered head, there are no cords, so you'll never get tangled up while shooting. And, the B1 is powerful and efficient with up to 220 full power flashes at 500Ws. 

Another great feature of the B1 is how compact and light this head is! At 6.6lbs, including the battery, you can easily carry the B1 around both while traveling and on set.

As of right now, the only remote available for this system is Canon-dedicated, but Nikon will have the remote sometime in 2014! 

For more technical information, check out the specs here:

General Specifications

  • Max energy:500Ws
  • Energy range:9 f-stops (2-500Ws)
  • Energy control increments:1/10 or full f-stops
  • Recycling time:0.1-1.9 (Quick burst up to 20 flashes/second)
  • Max modeling light (W):20W LED (Output eqvivalent to 70W Halogen)
  • Modeling light control:Off, Proportional, Free (5-100%)
  • Mode control:Freeze (shortest flash duration) or Normal (color balance) mode
  • Flash duration Normal mode (t0.5):1/11,000s (2Ws) - 1/1,000s (500Ws)
  • Flash duration Freeze mode (t0.5):1/19,000s (2Ws) - 1/1,000s (500Ws)
  • Energy stability Normal mode:+-1/20 f-stop flash to flash
  • Energy stability Freeze mode:+-1/20 f-stop flash to flash
  • Color stability Normal mode:+-150K over range; +-20K flash to flash
  • Color stability Freeze mode:+-800K over range; +-50K flash to flash
  • Energy control increments:1/10 or full f-stops
  • Guide number @ 2m / 100 ISO with Magnum Reflector:45 2/10
  • Input power supply:Exchangeble Lithium-Ion Battery 14.4V/3Ah
  • Battery capacity:Up to 220 full power flashes

Syncronization and Control

  • Sync socket(s):1
  • Wire sync voltage:Compliant to ISO 10330 standard
  • Wire sync connector:3.5mm Mini-Phono
  • Photocell/IR-slave and switch:Yes
  • Radio sync & control:Yes, Built in AirTTL supporting wireless sync, control and TTL. (Requires Air Remote TTL. Sold separately.)
  • Radio sync range:Up to 300m (1000ft)
  • MAC / PC control:Yes, via optional Profoto Air USB transceiver and Profoto Studio software.


  • Function display:Multifunction LCD display
  • Fan cooling:Yes, thermally controlled fan speed for low noice level.
  • Ready signaling:Yes, ready lamp, dim and/or switchable beep sound.
  • Auto dumping:Yes
  • USB interface:Yes, USB Mini port for FW upgrading
  • Quick burst:Quick burst capability of up to 20 flashes per second.


  • Diameter:14cm (5.5")
  • Length:31cm (12.2")
  • Height:21cm (8.3")
  • Weight:3kg (Including batteries) 6.6 LBS 3kg (Including batteries)

The Self-Portrait Vs. The Selfie

The Self-Portrait Vs. The Selfie: What They Are and Why They're different

When I was in photography school, given it was not that long ago, one of the most important subjects we were taught was the history of photography, from the very beginning to present day. For the contemporary, we learned about the great photographers that made incredible impacts on the photography world in the last 10 to 30 years, which allowed us to see what photographers had created once photography had truly became an artistic media. One of the most important lessons was the art of the self-portrait.

Nan Goldin by Nan Goldin

Now, obviously photography was not the first medium people used for self-portraits; that had been done plenty of times through sculpture, paint, etc. but, self-portrait in photography also offered photographers a way to portray themselves in an artistic way, and many photographers built projects on self-portraits alone, notably photographers like Nan Goldin and Lee Friedlander. 

Lee Friedlander by Lee Friedlander

Other photographers, like Richard Avedon, used the self-portraiture as a means to mimic work that they were already creating, much like his portraits of celebrities or In The American West

Richard Avedon by Richard Avedon

Robert Mapplethorpe used self-portraits to show the many ways in which he saw himself from drag to costume. 

Robert Mapplethorpe by Robert Mapplethorpe

Still others, like Vivian Maier, did not define themselves by their self-portraits, but they were an addition project to pursue in contrast to work they had become known for. The self-portrait was an art form unto itself; an expression, an experiment, and exploration.

Vivian Maier by Vivian Maier

The self-portrait is more than just a portrait of yourself.

...Then, there was the “selfie”.

My version of the "selfie". Notice the Robert Mapplethorpe self-portrait t-shirt

Born of a generation glued to our phones and computers, of which I am a guilty party, the selfie, as defined by Urban Dictionary, is “A picture taken of yourself that is planned to be uploaded to Facebook, [Instagram] or any other sort of social networking website.” Taken on the iPhone, Photo Booth and everything in between, the selfie has become absolutely unavoidable. Unlike the self-portrait, the selfie lacks any sort of artistic meaning; there is no expression of self, there is no experimentation of personal work or inspiration, there is no exploration into what you yourself are or could be. But, that is it's purpose. The selfie was not created to provoke thought, but to show a moment, whether or not it is relevant in this time and space (or history at all). 

The selfie is kinda bringing the self-portrait down.

Let’s bring back the self-portrait.

Written by Kane Giblin. The views in this blog post are those of Kane Giblin and may not represent the views of Foto Care.